sharing stories, both alone and together

The Brief

Our team was brought on as consultants for the Penn Medicine Listening Lab to redesign a new, COVID-friendly Listening Lab "pod".
The Penn Med Listening Lab is an initiative to demonstrate and celebrate listening as a form of care.

This project captures the innate ability to share our story while probing how we listen and how we are listened to, as individuals, in relationships, and as a community.

People within Penn Med hospitals can walk up to the pod and listen to the stories while reflecting via a series of guided questions.
Role: UX Researcher, Interaction & Motion Designer | Duration: 3 weeks
Digital Tools: Rhino, Figma, Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop

Research & Discovery

This project was going to take place in physical spaces - so we needed to understand how people walk through the space, and how our clients wanted users to interact with the installation.
Budget: $2000/unit
Must be COVID safe & easy to sterilize
Must be easy to construct & move
Materials must be easily cleaned
Will serve a population of 42,000
We learned:
Our final solution had to be sterilizable, accessible, and interactive
The budget was $2000 for all materials, per pod
Our design north star was to have a seamless experience
We used a combination of quick models in Rhino & sketches to think through formal ideas.

From here, we started thinking through materiality.
We explored materials such as painted CNC'd plywood, illusion film, acoustic foam, and textured acrylic. We wanted to incorporate a feeling of nature to promote internal reflection, as well as the juxtaposition of the hospital atmosphere to create a "sanctuary" feeling.
From here, we narrowed down our formal ideas to two (2) concepts to model in depth.
We then narrowed down our form to the "S" Shape (modeled on the right).
This form can serve two (2) people at once, and can be built upon to scale up to any needed space.
Schedule a COVID test
View COVID test results
View Campus COVID Data
Check school requirements
Check hours & locations
1. Key links weren't visible
2. Multiple navigation menus
3. Key information not visible on home page
4. Test scheduling wasn't visible
5. Large, hard to read blocks of text
We decided to utilize an iPad (using the voice command functionality), a top down projector, and a motion sensor to serve as the technology. With the hollow design, it would be easy to hide power cords.

As the user steps in, the motion sensor would activate the iPad and begin the animation. Ideally, the user uses voice-to-speak, prompted by the animation, but we included an iPad touch function with hand sanitizer directly to the side in case users felt more comfortable that way.

Final Product

Participants rated the new site easier to use
Success rate while completing tasks
Average decrease in time to complete a task
Project Summary
This project was submitted in response to an RFP distributed from the Listening Lab team. The final build estimate came to $1783 (including assembly cost). We also provided a construction guide, scaled elevations, and renders of both single units and conjoined units.