the walking city

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conceived by the avant-garde architecture collective Archigram in the 1960s, the Walking City imagines a world ravaged by disaster and seeing humankind flee for refuge in massive, autonomous moving cities.

this VR experience is a simple game meant to bring the Walking City to life and explore what post nuclear holocaust life is life with a more realistic point of view, rather than an idyllic perspective.

Role: 3D Modeler, VR Artist, UX Designer | Developed: Fall 2021 | Software: Rhino (Modeling), Unity
Designed for the HTC Vive Headset
Builds below are WebGL builds hosted on
*Note - this was designed as a full end-to-end experience with multiple linked scenes to navigate through. However due to WebGL hosting limitations, it has been split up into separate scenes
Scene 1 - Engine Room
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Scene 2 - Grow Room
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Scene 3 - Dormitory
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Final Scene - Control Room
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